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COVID-19 impacted our residents in many ways and highlighted the need to provide child support to families. This project would be critical in providing financial assistance to families in need of child care, allowing parents added flexibility and comfort in the care of their children.
Project Updates
Forty nine (49) Families have been awarded $5,000 childcare vouchers for 66 children totaling $335,000.
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The City has created a Childcare Voucher Fund (“Program”) to address educational and childcare disparities, and to provide child care and early learning services for low income families, households residing in Qualified Census Tracts, and households that qualify for certain federal benefits.

Currently 4 Childcare Providers in Greenbelt have been approved to accept these grant funds:

  • Greenbelt Children’s Center
  • Greenbelt Nursery School
  • Greenway Learning Center
  • Champions Discovery (Aftercare at local schools)

Income Guidelines for Childcare Assistance

FY 2023 HAF Income Limits Summary for Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD HUD Metro FMR Area
Greater of 100% AMI or 100% U.S. Median Income

1-Person - $105,500

2-Person - $120,600

3-Person - $135,650

4-Person - $150,700

5-Person - $162,800

6-Person - $174,850

7-Person - $186,900

8-Person - $198,950

*Income requirements  from State’s Homeowners Assistance Fund Proposal - DHCD

Application Information

How to Apply for Childcare Voucher Funds

If you are a Greenbelt resident and have a child enrolled in one of these programs please email to obtain an application.

If you are a Greenbelt resident and have a child at a licensed day care provider or center and would like to be considered for the grant funds, please have your Provider or Center Director contact the city at to obtain information about the approval process.

For additional information or assistance, contact Assistant City Manager Tim George via email at or call (240) 542-2025.

Email CARES for more information!
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June 20, 2024

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