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COVID-19 had significant financial impacts on our residents and has left many residents in dire need of financial help. These funds expand our programs helping residents with financial assistance paying their utility bills, rent, and mortgage. City Council has already allowed $1.5M towards these goals and this project further expands those funds to help our residents.
Project Updates
517 Greenbelt Households have been granted rental and utility assistance totaling $2,781,874.49. 20 Greenbelt Households have been granted HOA/Mortgage assistance totaling $74,062.52. These numbers are current as of August 7, 2023.
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The City of Greenbelt and Greenbelt CARES has been happy to have been able to support so many residents facing financial difficulties.  Unfortunately, the funds for the Rental and Utility Assistance program are reaching depletion.

CARES is processing applications that have been submitted.

CARES will not be accepting any new applications for assistance at this time.

FY 2023 HAF Income Limits Summary for Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD HUD Metro FMR Area
Greater of 100% AMI or 100% U.S. Median Income

1-Person - $105,500

2-Person - $120,600

3-Person - $135,650

4-Person - $150,700

5-Person - $162,800

6-Person - $174,850

7-Person - $186,900

8-Person - $198,950

*Income requirements  from State’s Homeowners Assistance Fund Proposal - DHCD

This is a list of other County Resources for Assistance:
Social Services and Financial Assistance Programs (Funding Availability Varies)

• Prince George's Social Services
Call (301)-909-7000

• Prince George’s County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)
Call (301)-883-6504, press 9

• Catholic Charities DC - PG County
Call (301)-731-4703

• Salvation Army
Call (301)-277-6103

• Mission of Love
Call (301)-333-4440

• United Citizen Against Poverty (UCAP)
Call (301)-322-5700
Contact Renee Carroll, Director of Housing Counseling --> her extension is 120
Email: rcarroll@ucappgc.org

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February 27, 2024

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