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Provide healthcare vouchers to low-income families. Just as COVID-19 highlighted the need for shelter-based assistance and childcare assistance, the impact on the need for healthcare assistance was seen throughout the City. This program will provide vouchers to families qualified based upon income and will provide relief to those hit hardest by COVID-19 impacts.
Project Updates
The City has signed an MOU with both CCI Health Services and Old Greenbelt Family Health to directly provide healthcare services to Greenbelt residents that are uninsured or underinsured. Staff has met with Luminis Health Prince George's County to identify partnership opportunities to expand health care services to their patients in Greenbelt.
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How to Qualify for Healthcare Assistance

To learn how CCI Health Services can assist you, visit, or call (866) 877-7258 to schedule an appointment.

To learn how Old Greenbelt Family Health can assist you with your medical needs, visit or call (240) 424-0697 to schedule an appointment.

For additional information or assistance, contact Assistant City Manager Tim George via email at or call (240) 542-2025.

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February 8, 2024

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